No, Sir, You Had Nothing To Do With It

I had just been served my lunch when he turned to me and said “You ordered that just because I was sitting here?” We were in a meeting room at the Buckhead Ruth’s Chris Steak House. We were attending the Buckhead GEM of SHRM-Atlanta and ready to hear a presentation on recent developments with the EEOC.

My new friend was the owner of a wellness company. We immediately had a lot to talk about. He shared about his company’s focus on individualized coaching of clients and I briefly shared the contents of a recent blog post I had written on The 5 Most Dangerous Trends in Employee Wellness. Our conversation, however, was cut short by the start of the presentation.

Soon, our lunches were delivered. There were three meals from which we could choose for our lunch. First, there was a Philly Cheese Steak that was tempting. The next option was a pasta dish with shrimp—which immediately called me—but it also had sausage. I knew it would be delicious, but I try to steer away from sausage these days. I chose, however, the third option which was salmon and grilled veggies.

It was when my healthy selection was delivered that my new wellness friend uttered the question that sounded more like an affirmation, “You ordered that just because I was sitting here?” I just smiled. Inside, however, I answered, “No, sir, you had nothing to do with it.”

In his defense I don’t look like a someone who makes healthy choices in eating. I look like someone who would have ordered two Philly Cheese Steaks. But, again, my selection had nothing to do with him; Just as my choice of oatmeal and raisins, along with a bananna, for breakfast this morning did not have anything to do with him. I’m making better choices these days in what I put on my plate.

As I thought about it I congratulated myself for the real change that has taken place in my eating habits. The healthy choices are regularly chosen more often. I still fall off the health wagon—like this past weekend at my parents’ house when I ate two ½ lb homemade cheeseburgers for dinner. Yet, I am pleased that I continue to make progress in my ability to choose health.


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