Captain Herb Emory

Captain Herb Emory

Captain Herb Emory (Courtesy WSB Radio)

While I leaned on his bird’s eye view of Atlanta traffic to navigate my commute, I came to respect the man I never met. Captain Herb Emory gained my respect, not by something he did, but by something he would not do.

Like many across Atlanta, I am mourning the death of Captain Herb Emory. Today is the first morning commute knowing he will never tell us “we are the only ones up in the air this morning.”  Capt. Herb died of a massive heart attack this past Saturday, ironically responding to a traffic accident near his home. He was 61.

For those of us who only knew Capt. Herb via WSB radio, there was a lot to admire about him. Yet, for me one thing stands out.

Like everyone else I appreciated his positive demeanor while helping us navigate Atlanta roadways. He was always helpful and evidenced a genuine concern for the drivers and passengers clogging the highways. Only rarely would he express disdain for bone-headed drivers who were complicating the commute.  I heard a kindness in his voice and a love for the humanity he guided through the thoroughfares of Atlanta.

It wasn’t his ability to steer us through Spaghetti Junction, the Connector, the Grady Curve and up 400 that impressed me most. Nor was it his love for NASCAR. No, it goes back to the days when Neal Boortz was a regular on morning radio. Capt. Herb would be a part of the show, providing his final reports of the morning’s commute.  This is where my respect for Capt. Herb grew.

Boortz would do his best to lure Capt. Herb into some inappropriate conversation or off-color dialogue.  Capt. Herb never, ever, took the bait. With a quick laugh or a subtle change of the subject, the Captain would dodge the ludicrousness and provide the information to get us quickly and safely to work.

I don’t know anything of Captain Herb’s faith or character off the air, but from the vantage point of the driver’s seat of my car where I heard him each morning, he was a class act.

Captain Herb will be missed.





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  1. Posted by Barbara on April 14, 2014 at 6:46 am

    Captain Herb remains as our eye in the sky.


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