About Jack

About Jack

Who is Jack? Jack W Bruce Jr. is a novice, and occasional, blogger who never excelled in English and grammar classes; If you are looking for errors in this blog, you will find them.

Jack is a husband and father of four, living in Atlanta, Georgia. He is a lover of God who is continually growing in his understanding of how immature that love is.

Jack has worked on the Operations and HR side of Employee Benefits (insurance) since 2004. Prior to this, he served on pastoral teams with the Christian and Missionary Alliance in Elizabethton, TN and Atlanta. Jack is a wanna-be-a-real runner who has to settle for just being a jolly-jogging Clydesdale. He is now training for his fifth marathon since turning 50–all with the hopes of shedding a ton of weight.

This blog is a collection of stories from Jack’s life, often about family.  Here, he shares lessons learned while aiming to love God, family and others with greater passion and genuineness. You will find posts about running, social responsibility, admirable people and whatever else may result from an occasional step onto the soap box.

The blog’s title, “Eating Humble Pie” is a reflection of the lessons learned through failure and the consequences of missteps Jack has experienced on this journey called life.

Jack is also on LinkedIn.

JackInThePulpitA_smallJack’s Blog Picture / Icon is a watercolor painting of a Jack-In-The-Pulpit plant by award winning watercolor artist, Mary Bouzianis. Matted Giclee prints and cards of Mary’s work are also available by E-mailing Alex at:  Kassart048@aol.com


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