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Added Ingredients Sweeping the American Church

The face of the can of juice makes known the contents: 100% Vegetable Juice. One hundred percent! Health lovers are drawn to it; but beware. Underneath the claim of 100% Vegetable Juice is another line, “From concentrate with added ingredients.”

Added ingredients?

As I contemplated the strange labeling I began to wonder. The contents begin with 100% vegetable juice. But what are the other added ingredients? Is it motor oil? Perhaps wood chips? Could it be metal shavings?

The drink contains two full servings of vegetables. Those two servings are good—they contain 100% vegetable juice from concentrate…with added ingredients.

We want 100% vegetable juice. At least I do; that is why I bought the vegetable drink. But what are those added ingredients?  I looked on the back  label where I found a list of stuff I suppose is needed for processing or preservation—like potassium chloride, magnesium, salt, natural flavoring, & ascorbic acid. I can’t tell you anything about these added ingredients other than they are not vegetable juice.

The drink contains 100% vegetable juice, but the contents are not 100% vegetable juice. There is a difference. Once anything other than vegetable juice is added, the contents can no longer be called 100% vegetable juice. Continue reading


Why I Have a New Smile with My Coke

There are a lot reasons why I am a fan of Coca-Cola. However, I have one more reason today and it trumps all the others.

I can’t remember ever not loving a Coke. Some of my fondest childhood memories included a Coca-Cola, as it is formally known. Perhaps the greatest of these was sitting on the front porch of the little white house belonging to my grandmother; we called her Mother Bruce. She would walk out the front door holding a couple of cold Cokes. There was absolutely nothing better than swinging on that green porch swing with her, both of us drinking a Coke.

Coke was highly esteemed where I grew up. We all wanted a Coke because that is what Bear Bryant drank while munching on Golden Flake Potato chips during his day-after-the-game T.V. recaps. To this day, I crave a Coke and Golden Flake every time I watch the Crimson Tide of Alabama take the field. Coke was the drink for me.

Not all memories of Coke are happy. Two sad events marked 1985. Mother Bruce passed away and, fittingly, Coca-Cola made one of the biggest marketing errors in history when they Continue reading

The Emotionally Intelligent Manager

I recently shared with the Accountant at our firm that it might be good if she was in a negative mood while working. While I said this in jest, there was an element of truth behind my remark. I made this comment shortly after reading The Emotionally Intelligent Manager by David R. Caruso & Peter Salovey. Negative moods, I discovered, can be productive—particularly for those who are engaged in deductive reasoning problems, such as checking financial statements for errors. Positive moods, they contend, are more helpful for inductive problem solving where generating new and interesting ideas is needed. According to this line of thought it would be best to be in a positive mood if you are working on a new marketing plan and to be in a negative mood if you are Continue reading