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What Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Would Like About the Atlanta Falcons

I would much rather be spending my day off for the MLK holiday writing about the victorious Atlanta Falcons going to the Super Bowl. Yet, some guy in San Francisco gets the honor of praising his 49ers. We here in Atlanta have succumbed to another post season loss; our hopes of being in the Big Game now gone with the wind. It hurts. Yet, thankfully, football wasn’t the only momentous happening taking place in the Georgia Dome yesterday.

As the nation remembers Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. this weekend, we do have hope. Not of football, but of his Dream. If we could have brought Dr. King back and taken him to only one place with the hopes of showing him the realization of his Dream, the best seat just might have been in the Georgia Dome for the NFL’s NFC Championship Game.  Today, almost 40 years after Dr. King gave one of the most noted speeches of the 20th century, there are aspects of the dream being exhibited—and the Falcons Game Day provides one of the best displays.

The Atlanta Falcons were the host team; Atlanta the host city. As the nation’s NFL football fans tuned into to watch the NFC Championship Game, something special was taking place among the 72,000 gathered in the south’s largest city. It wasn’t the record-breaking volume produced by enthusiastic fans. It wasn’t that this was the biggest home game the Falcons had ever played. It wasn’t a  Continue reading


The Day a Black Man Came to Our Church

This is a story taken from my memory.  The story happened over 30 years ago when I was a young teen or preteen. I tell it as I remember it. Continue reading