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How I Escaped the Old Fisherman

Note: This story was written as a senior in high school. To read about “the story behind the story” read my previous blog on “My Teacher Changed My ‘C ‘to an ‘A’.”

The landing net hit the water and I knew that I had to exert at least one more outrageous lunge at the sky, if I were to be free! It all Largemouth-Bassstarted out this frosty wintery morning, with the water temperature a little above freezing, when I left my home around the old dead tree trunk in search of straying bluegill or crappie. I toured the water closest to the shore most of the morning but only found small minnows and dead catfish.

I went on back to my home by the log, half hungry, to just sit and rest till I would go out again for supper. I was leisurely lying there when “plop,” a worm fell from the sky. It sank deep to the bottom and then began to dance across the floor of my home. At times it would just bump into a rock as if it were not there. Then it did the queerest thing – it just took a dart for the surface and “pop” it was gone! A few seconds later another worm, about the same size and color, came charging from the sky and went the same route as the first and left the water as if it had wings. The next one came about a minute and a half later but this one was orange and floated slowly to the bottom, but it too just skimmed across the bottom and “zap” it was gone. This went on for almost 15 minutes. The worms varied from blue, to green, to orange, to yellow, to black, to purple. Some were short with winding tails, but all swam the same way and direction.

Finally, I could not stand it any longer. I darted from the old log with Continue reading