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Guts, Politics, Health Care and CHANGE

Regardless of who wins the elections in November one thing is for sure, health care in America will never be the same.  And this is a good thing.

Even if the White House welcomes new residents or the balance in power tips in favor of the Republican Party, health care will never go back to where it was 2 years ago. Never. Thankfully, never.

This is not a discourse on who should be elected in November. It’s not a debate on other political issues such as the fight against terrorism, the war in Afghanistan, gay marriage, unemployment, job creation, Benghazi, abortion or Big Labor and the NLRB. While health care reform is intertwined with many of these issues, health care reform stands primarily in its own political silo. My thoughts recorded here speak to one issue—health care in America has changed.

Health Care in America has Changed

For decades there has been talk—simply talk—of needed changes in our American health care. Finally, change has come. Finally, someone had the fortitude to put something on the table. I may have my gripes with some political positions of President Obama, but one thing cannot be denied—he put health care on the table and has forced our nation’s leaders to wrestle with it. Finally, someone has spoken with authority for the millions without adequate access to reasonable health care.

Without any doubt, the changes are not perfect. I doubt there is anyone, on either side of the aisle, who would voice 100% agreement with all that comes with health care reform. Even as health care reform was voted into law, proponents were not satisfied with it. Yet, Continue reading


Talking Trash and Health Care Reform

There is an uproar in Gwinnett County, Georgia. We, as county residents, were informed by letter that there would be changes in how our trash is picked up from our homes. Where previously we could choose our trash hauler, we are now being assigned a trash hauler—based on the zone in which we live. Furthermore, instead of paying the new garbage hauling company directly, the costs of our trash pickup will be added to our property tax statements. “Ouch!” I just received the Notice of Taxes from the Gwinnett County Tax Commissioner.

I, along with most county residents, received the notice of the impending change early last month. A few days later my new rolling trash can was delivered to my driveway. After sitting several weeks on the side of my shed awaiting the predetermined date when my new hauler would begin servicing our family and our neighbors, it has now been placed into service and has functioned in its purpose a couple of times.

The mandated change determining who would be hauling our trash has not been embraced by all county residents. Instead, some have responded with a fervor not seen around Atlanta since Michael Vick’s dog fighting activity was exposed. Why the tumult? Is it because so many of us don’t like the new plan? Or, is it more about the difficulty we often have with change? Answering these questions not only exposes the driving force behind much of the outrage in the county, but it also exposes the reasons why some Americans cannot fathom embracing any significant health care reform. Continue reading