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Ever Wish Life was Like a Hallmark Movie?

Elegance teen faceOnce you  have seen a couple of Hallmark Channel Christmas movies, you know what to expect when a “new” one is introduced. You can count on finding a beautiful, yet not quite “perfect,” girl with a difficult past who has to choose between her current love—an arrogant, insensitive jerk—and a new acquaintance who is kind, good looking, patriotic and certainly available.  There is  just enough drama and conflict to keep us engaged  and to stick through the commercial breaks for more. Even though we know it is coming, the final kiss in the snow gives us the warm feeling that life is well and the good people win. Ahhh! Hallmark movies are vegetable beef soup for the soul.

Christians can be attracted to such movies because of the absence of foul language and underlying themes of forgiveness, grace and love. And it’s even better when our love can be directed toward those who have managed to make it through some of life’s most difficult personal challenges like single-parenting or the death of a dear family member. We also like the justice element afforded us in these movies. The writers know this and, therefore, create that arrogant, insensitive jerk who will get what he deserves…and so we won’t feel so bad when the main character dumps him for the lonely new guy.

Wouldn’t it be nice if life was like a Hallmark movie?

Wouldn’t it be nice if the “Christian” life was like a Hallmark movie? Wouldn’t it be nice to encounter a few bumps in the road and then find an open and wide smooth highway with only minimal traffic? Wouldn’t it be nice if every problem Continue reading


I’ve Got the Power

PowerManIt wasn’t that it was written in some magnificent prose. Nor was it some new revelation for me. I know this stuff. At least I say I know it. I’ve even taught it. But there was something about reading it this time that nailed my conscience.

For the last couple of days I have been reading through Alicia Britt Chole’s Anonymous. It had been recommended by Kevin Myers at 12Stone, a church that warmly welcomed us on our August Sunday morning visit.

Chole writes about those seasons in our lives where we are out of the limelight and our purpose appears to be nil. She calls it the “hidden years” and likens it to the years leading up to Jesus emerging on the scene and coming to John the Baptist to be baptized. Jesus’ life had been “hidden” for nearly two decades. No messages. No miracles.  No visible example of how to live.

Using these silent years of Jesus as a springboard, Chole aims to show the purpose and value in these hidden seasons and how to respond in the midst of the dark days of apparent insignificance. This is what she writes: Continue reading