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James River Morning Run

Bridge to Belle Isle

Bridge to Belle Isle

It’s not every day I write about one of my runs. Yet, it’s not every day I have a run like this morning’s.

I woke in Richmond, Virginia, having traveled up with my brother to watch my nephew compete in the talent competition for the National Beta Convention. Whenever I travel I try to find a memorable place to run. Never have I been so successful.

I’ve run on beaches, highways, viewtrails, paved paths and urban sidewalks. Yet, never have I had such a diverse run. I googled Best Places to Run in Richmond and was directed to Belle Isle. I thoroughly enjoyed the 1.5 mile trek to and through the island sitting within the James River. The view from the bridge was nice and the flat trails pleasantly took me along the rocky river bank. It was perfect.

Another,more experienced, runner pointed me to the 7.5 mile North Bank Trail. Interesting. My longest run since the Marine Corps Marathon in October 2012 was a run just under 6 miles a couple of weeks ago. However, I convinced myself I could run a couple of miles and then turn back. I never turned back–got lost a couple of times, but I never turned back.
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Does the Bible Downplay Physical Exercise?

BodyBuilderShould Christians put much effort into physical exercise? The question is prompted by a perplexing phrase in the Bible.

The church our family attended when I was young used the Old English translation of the Bible known as the King James Version, (KJV).  The KJV translated the phrase this way, “For bodily exercise profiteth little.”* Therefore, we could conclude the Bible downplays the value of physical exercise. But does it?

If the Bible deemphasizes physical exercise then many of us have a problem.

I am a proponent of physical exercise. As a member of the Metro-Atlanta YMCA, I regularly engage in “bodily exercise”—and my current level of Platinum, earned by workout points, evidences my commitment. I also have a drawer overflowing with t-shirts earned from running races. And hanging on a wall are medals that were gently placed around my neck after crossing the finish lines of marathons. My passion for wellness is further evidenced by my Raving Wellness Blog and periodic presentations on corporate wellness.  I believe in physical exercise. Yet, is there a conflict for me and others who profess an adherence to the Bible and who are also committed to physical exercise? Continue reading

Tips for Running a Marathon in a Hurricane

When I was one of the fortunate ones this past spring to register for the 37th running of the Marine Corps Marathon (MCM) in Washington DC, I envisioned several challenges to making it through 26.2 miles—battling a hurricane was not one of them.

I didn’t think DC would be hit with a heat wave like the one that stopped the Chicago Marathon in 2007. However, ever since I registered for the MCM I have wondered if it would be cold on race day. After all, the northeast can get chilly by the end of October. If so, I would be ready. I already conquered cold this past February in, of all places, Birmingham, Alabama when I ran the Mercedes Marathon with a race-start temperature of 22 degrees. By the time I arrived at the first water station, there were chunks of ice in my water. By the second station, where I could have benefited from ice skates in order to keep moving, I had to crush the paper cup to break the ice before I could drink. At the next station is where I discovered that Powerade makes great slushies. I even saw a runner with icicles in her pony tail. So, I’m ready for cold—but a hurricane?

This past weekend I checked the race-day weather report for DC and was pleased to see a perfect forecast for running—lows only in the upper 40s and highs in the 70s, with some clouds. Perfect. But perfect didn’t last long. This was before Hurricane Sandy decided to make a trek up the east coast. Now the race-day forecast calls for a 90% chance of rain and wind speeds of about 24 MPH. Great!

I’m altering my drive up from Atlanta for the race. Instead of heading up the east coast on I95, I will now head up to someplace like Minnesota and drive in from the west. Hopefully, this way I will miss the rain and resulting freeway pileups in the Carolinas and Richmond. Yet, the greatest alteration is going to be how I prepare for running in a hurricane. Continue reading

I Am a Runner

You say I’m not a runner. Just because I am slow, you think I am just a jogger? I saw you laugh as I passed you on the sidewalk. I may not be much to look at, but I am what I am—I am a runner!

Don’t believe me? Well let me tell you…

  • I have drawers full of t-shirts, each with a unique date and distance measured using the metric system. Therefore, I am a runner.
  • I know the fabric in my socks. Therefore, I am a runner.
  • I don’t use toenail polish, but I do have a black toenail. Therefore, I am a runner.
  • I’ve put Band-Aids on my heels, toes and nipples. Therefore, I am a runner.
  • I wear very tight pants on winter mornings…and I am not ashamed. Therefore, I am a runner.
  • I buy Powerade Zero, Clif Bars and Shot Bloks in bulk. Therefore, I am a runner.
  • I own a headlamp, portable blinking red LED lights and a couple of fluorescent vests. Therefore, I am a runner.
  • I know the number of miles my shoes have traveled. Therefore, I am a runner.
  • I’ve given directions and pushed stranded cars off the road. Therefore, I am a runner.
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Today, at age 50, I Ran My First Marathon

The day I turned 50 is not a day that holds pleasant memories. I didn’t like it. As I wallowed in my self-pity and misery I contemplated several personal goals. One—run a marathon. Yes, I told myself that this would be the year I would take this fat old body and chug it over 26.2 miles. Could I ever do it? Continue reading

Saying Goodbye to My Running Partners

Perhaps I get into my running shoes a little too much. My cat’s name is Mizuno—my brand of running shoes. I love my Mizuno running shoes. Every pair has given me great satisfaction. The end of the run for each pair, however, is an end of an era. “Era” is a good word; for the length of time it takes me to run through a pair of shoes can be quite long.

This past weekend I ran the ING Georgia Half Marathon. It wasn’t my last run, but it was my last run in my Mizuno Wave Rider 12s. They served me well for over 300 miles. This race was their swan song—a fitting accomplishment for me and my laced friends. I, in those shoes, have some memories: Some good, some not so good, and some unique. Yet, they are memories.

One of the most interesting moments came one morning while I was running along Dogwood Road in Snellville, Georgia. I had run Continue reading