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Middle School Graduation Letter

May 4, 2011

Anna Banana,

As you conclude Middle School and prepare for High School, we are very proud of you. Not because of your athletic ability in soccer and basketball. Not because of your good grades or thriftiness. Not because of your unique, colorful, and neat style of dress. Nor is it because of your leadership on the soccer field or at Campus Life. Though you can quickly mow the lawn, that is not the reason either. All of this brings us delight, but our pride in our Anna Joy springs forth from something deeper.

We are very proud of you because of who you are on the inside. You have a compassionate spirit for others, especially

This photo was taken the night my wife and I read this letter to Anna.

those who are friendless and lonely. You have a good sense of justice—desiring fairness for all. You are a true friend to many people.

We like the way you think and question. You ask good questions that show you desire to know the truth and do what is right. You are not afraid to question Continue reading


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