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Who is Defining What it Means to Be Pro-life?

What does it mean to be pro-life in the current health care debate? From my observation, most pro-lifers get the answer to this question wrong. We get it wrong because we are letting the wrong people tell us what it means to be pro-life.

For many, interjecting a pro-life stance into the American health care debate means refusing funding for abortions. Therefore, it is this one issue that propels many pro-lifers to reject any health care reform proposal. Yet, are these same pro-lifers taking the time to consider how health care reform intersects with fundamental tenets of what it means to be pro-life?

T. R. Reid, in his book, “The Healing of America,” shares a disturbing fact: “The American health care system ranks dead last [out of 23 countries in 2006 Commonwealth Fund study] when it comes to keeping newborns alive. Our rate of infant mortality is more than twice as high as Continue reading


QT Nails It! (Little Things Matter)

What could a gas station and convenience store teach an employee benefits firm about how to do business? What could they teach you? You may think it’s a silly question. Yet, recently in a staff meeting, I used a gas station as a model of doing things right. The theme of my lesson was The Little Things Matter. A local chain of fuel centers and convenience stores served as the perfect example.

They don’t always have the cheapest gas, yet, they have my business.  As someone who appreciates systems, service, excellence and execution, I find this chain of stores to be remarkable in their Continue reading